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Agustin Bunuel Sr., Carlos Casola and
Ramon Casola



- Agustin Jose, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?

I was born into it. My father Agustin Jose II, and his longtime competitor in Boston, Ramon Casola, moved to Miami unbeknownst to each other. When they saw each other, they believed it was providence. In 1982, they joined forces and opened. 36 years later, we’re still here serving our community.

I’ve worked here on and off through high school and college, but it was in 2008 that I eventually came back to work full time in the family business.

- Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?

Working with family is a blessing but it has its own set of particular challenges. Black and white lines can be seriously blurred when you are trying to explain something to a family member without being as blunt as you would be if the person wasn’t a relative. That is the challenge. However, all these challenges pale in comparison to the thrill and awesome responsibility of knowing you share in the success of your whole family.

I wouldn’t change it for the world.

- Please tell us about Casola’s Pizzeria and Sub Shop.

Casola’s Pizzeria and Sub Shop opened in 1982 providing Giant Pizzas, Croissant Sandwiches, Subs, Burgers, Pastas, Steak Phillys, Jumbo Wings and delicious desserts.

I am most proud of what sets us apart from other restaurants, our legacy, and our clientele. 36 years is an accomplishment in itself. Add to that the rich mix of our costumes and it’s a sight to behold. We have everyone from Midtown to Coral Gables visiting us. By bike or Mercedes, people come from work or on the beach. They all feel at home here; Black, white, Hispanic, rich, middle class, residents or tourists, they all come here because they feel at home here.

- Do you look back particularly fondly on any memories from childhood?

Coming to the store and seeing my dad. He was always here. Always. Sometimes, I felt that he worked too hard or too much. Being on the other side of the counter now, with kids of my own, I realize there is nothing I wouldn’t do for them. That is why he worked so much. That is why I’m working now. Thanks, dad.


Casola's sells slices as big as your head. If you take two bites out of one, you can use it as a Halloween mask. Or if you order a wedge of loaded veggie, you can wear it as a fancy Kentucky Derby hat. And during hurricane season, a single triangle of pepperoni can act as a flood raft.

- Los Angeles Times

What Our Customers Say?
casolas-modified-1- Kay Hall
We had the best pizza in our lives! We went to this pizza parlor and ordered their best-selling Pepperoni and beer, perfect! We had so much fun. They also cater deliveries on their pizza at your very doorstep and still hot. Their pizzas were very delicious and fresh. This is the best pizza restaurant in the city, guys! Order one now!

casolas1-modified-1- Shelley Hardy
They could serve excellent quality of pizza that has excellent taste. Homemade pasta with salmon was excellently cooked. The pizza was just as good. They also have staff who are very friendly. We are very happy that we are accommodated nicely. Thank you so much for the good service. Highly recommended!

casola2-modified-1- Wendy Hicks
This was whenever I first visited this pizza eatery, and I am extremely intrigued with the nature of their pizza. I truly liked their certified and astounding staff's diligent effort. I will always remember to inform my associates in general and family concerning this fantastic pizza eatery without a doubt.

casolas3-modified-1- Christina Cruz
I loved Casola's Pizzeria! The pizza was good, the service was fast, and the people were nice. They play good music and have nice garden-themed decor. An overall awesome place to eat. We had a pepperoni pizza and the Romantica. Reasonable pricing by Miami standards.

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