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What’s good to serve with pizza?

Pizza is a great meal that you can make into an unforgettable one with the right sides. Need some ideas? We recommend garlic rolls to add the right amount of spice. Our pasta salad pairs well with any of our pizzas. Take a look at our list of side dishes; there’s bound to be one or two that catches your eye.

Help! What should I order for dinner?

Cooking is out of the question tonight, so let us make it for you.

Check out our menu for some ideas. If your hunger makes it hard to choose, try taking this quiz for some inspiration.

How do I place a pizza and sides order with your restaurant?

We make it easy at Casola's. Go to our website and click the order icon. Tell us if you want pickup or delivery, then scroll through the menu and make your choices. Once you complete the order and pay, we’ll get to work on it.

We’re also available through several ordering apps. The list is growing, so we’re likely on your favorite app.

When was pizza invented?

No one knows for sure, but we do have a line on the invention of the first modern pizza.

Most sources will confirm that pizza as we know it today made its first appearance in 1889 in Naples. According to folklore, the event happened when Italian royalty King Umberto I and Queen Margherita were paying a visit. During the trip, Esposito was tasked with preparing a special dish for them. The outcome was a pizza that was topped with a combination of mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes, and sprinkled with basil. To this day, that pizza is known as Pizza Margherita.

Will you accept cash as payment for my order?

At Casola's Pizzeria & Sub Shop, we’re happy to accept cash when you order directly with us. Use cash when you call in and place an order for pickup. You can order online and designate cash for your pickup or your delivery too. delivery takes cash. Order online and get your pizza delivered to you within the shortest time possible.

How do I place an order for pizza online?

The easiest way is to order your Casola's pizza online by visiting our website: You’ll see an order online page. Click the icon, select delivery or pickup, then select the items that you want. We’ll take it from there.

What's the difference between a hand tossed and a pan pizza?

The difference is in the crust. If you’re in the mood for a crust that’s thin and flat, then you want to go with a hand tossed pizza. When you want to go with a thicker crust that has a fluffier texture, the pan pizza is the way to go.

Our pan pizzas have crusts that are at least an inch deep and usually a little more. They’re also spritzed with oil along the bottom of the pan before we bake them. The result is a crust with more of a golden brown look and a fried texture.

What did the very first pizza look like?

The first pizzas were simple creations that relied heavily on oils and herbs to provide seasoning for the crusts. Adding in tomatoes and mozzarella came later.

What we think of as pizza was already beginning to become a thing in the latter part of the 18th century, by most accounts. Early on, it was a type of street food. It’s still pretty easy to have a slice when you’re walking along a street.

How can I keep my pizza warm after it’s delivered?

We use insulated cases to keep the pizza warm while it’s on the way to you. After you have it in hand, the warming part is up to you.

It’s not hard. Slide the pizza, still in the box, into the oven and set it to a low temperature. We recommend the lowest setting found on most ovens – 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Feel free to grab the slices that you want and leave the rest in the oven. If you have any slices left over, refrigerate them to heat up the next day.

What’s the record for the world’s biggest pizza?

We’ll turn to the Guinness Book of World Records for this one. According to this source, the largest circular pizza ever prepared was baked in Norwood, South Africa on December 8, 1990. The Norwood Hypermarket created this pizza, which weighed in at 26,883 pounds. Would you like bread sticks with that?

How do you go about arriving at the pricing for your pizzas?

Standard menu pizzas are priced. If you want to build your own, start by specifying the number of toppings that you want. We’ve already determined the cost to us based on what we pay to prepare the dough and sauces, and pay for the cheese, meats, and vegetables that we offer.

We begin with a price per ounce for each ingredient and topping. We then multiply that by the number of ounces it will take for the size of pizza that you want. Larger pizzas require more toppings, which means more ounces for each ingredient. We also factor in things like the costs of boxes, utilities, and other resources needed to make the perfect pizza.

Our goal is to offer the highest-quality pizza while keeping our prices fair and competitive. One look at our menu and we think you’ll agree that we hit the mark.

Is there a special name for a pizza that comes with no sauce?

There are several names that can be used to describe this type of pizza. The most common ones in use today are white pizza and pizza bianca. While you can add any toppings that you like, a classic pizza bianca will have the crust of your choice topped with cheese, a selection of seasonings and herbs, and some type of chopped leafy greens like arugula.

What’s the busiest day of the year for ordering pizza?

Holidays are easily among the top five busiest days for pizza orders in the United States. In fact, four of the top five are holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving Eve, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day. Rounding out the top five is Super Bowl Sunday.

Some of the other popular days for pizza orders include the day after Christmas, the day after Thanksgiving, and Valentine’s Day. Contact Casola’s and we’ll help you make your special day even more special.

What can you tell me about the difference between Chicago and Detroit style pizzas?

This is another example where the main difference has to do with the crust. With a Chicago style pizza, you have a crust that’s thin, flaky, and deep. Spread around the walls of the pan and having a rich, buttery taste, this pizza looks a lot like what most people consider a traditional pie.

With a Detroit style pizza, you have a crust that’s thick and fluffy. Think focaccia and you get the idea. People who love more bread will delight in this choice.

Not sure which to choose? You can always go with an Italian style and have a little of both worlds.

What are the most commonly used cheeses for pizza?

Throughout the world, mozzarella is the single most popular choice for pizza. In the United States, there are estimates that indicate around 30% of all pizzas will use this cheese.

It’s not unusual to find mozzarella mixed with some type of cheddar as a way to preserve the chewiness. Provolone is also considered one of the top options for cheese when it comes to pizza.

I want to send someone a pizza; how do I do it?

We make it easy. Online, visit and go to the order page. Choose the delivery option and place your order as you normally would, with the exception of supplying the address and name of the person you’re ordering for. Include your name too, and we’ll be happy to let the recipient know the pizza is a gift from you.

Alternatively, call us and give us the details. You can also drop by and place the order for delivery. Any way you prefer, we’re happy to take the order, make it easy for you to pay, and will ensure it arrives hot and ready at the intended destination.

How are Chicago, Detroit and New York style pizzas different?

Still, all about the crust. A Chicago style is flaky, thin, and runs up the sides of the pan, looking quite a bit like a traditional pie crust. The crust proper has a buttery taste that is sure to please.

A Detroit style pizza sports a crust that’s thick and has a fluffy texture. You’ll find that it looks and tastes a lot like focaccia.

A New York style pizza crust is unlike the other two, in that it’s flat and not running up the side of a pan. The crust is doughy on the inside and crisp on the outside. To some degree, the crust is fluffy like focaccia, and sturdy enough to pick up a slice and eat it without the aid of flatware.

Remember that if you are having trouble deciding among the three, there’s always Italian pizza to consider.

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