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This report details the actions necessary to improve the accessibility of the website hosted on the Wix platform. Several areas of improvement were identified, and specific recommendations are provided to ensure an accessible experience for all users, including those with disabilities.

1. Current Situation Analysis:
A comprehensive evaluation of the website was conducted using accessibility evaluation tools and manual testing.
Problematic areas and potential barriers for users with disabilities were identified, such as contrast issues, lack of proper labels on interactive elements, missing image descriptions, etc.
Noteworthy links were identified with their corresponding underlines.

2. Necessary Actions:

2.1 Contrast Improvement:
Identify and correct elements with low contrast to enhance text readability and navigation.
Review colors used in buttons, links, and navigation elements to ensure adequate contrast with the background.
Modification in link text with corresponding underlines.

2.2 Image Descriptions:
Add alternative text (alt attribute) to all images to provide meaningful descriptions for users with visual disabilities.
Ensure descriptions are clear and descriptive, conveying essential information from the image.

2.3 Proper Labels on Interactive Elements:
Ensure all interactive elements, such as buttons and forms, have proper and descriptive labels.
Verify that form fields have associated labels to facilitate understanding and usage for screen reader users.

2.4 Navigation Improvement:
Implement keyboard shortcuts (access keys) to enable more efficient navigation for users with motor disabilities.
Review and optimize the navigation structure to ensure a consistent and easy-to-follow experience across all pages of the site.


3. Implementation Plan:
Prioritize actions based on their impact on accessibility and implementation complexity.
Allocate resources and establish a timeline for addressing issues and implementing improvements.


4. Accessibility Statement Creation:
Document creation.
An internal web page with the information is created.
Customization of the menu with page data.


A total of 70 actions were carried out with the aim of completing a comprehensive accessibility update for the Casolas website, meticulously following the recommendations provided by the assistant. Subsequently, 6 new additional recommendations were implemented to achieve complete accessibility for the site. An accessibility statement was drafted, and a detailed report of the work executed was recorded to maintain a comprehensive record of the efforts made in this process.



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